May 30, 2020


Select the links below to view information & benefits of the different divisions we offer:

Ballet Division
Designed to promote the art of ballet dance.

Ballroom Division
The CDTA Ballroom Division strives to qualify the professional, award the medalist and educate the public.

Stage Division
Jazz, Tap and Acrobatic of the focus of this Division!

National Ethnic
Dance from around the world!

Modern Division

A division that will allow student examinations in the modern discipline. The modern division offers annual teacher workshops in the summer and student examinations.


membership app 2016

2016 AffiliatE and Patron Application

For more information on how to become a certified CDTA member, please contact the CDTA office. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate and do not require teacher certifications, please complete the above Affiliate Application and forward it to the CDTA office.