December 13, 2019

Teacher Training School

Teacher Training 2019

August 9-12th, 2019.  Level 1 and Level 2.  We can’t wait to see the returning students as well as new attendees and of course, our existing teachers who just want to brush up and refresh over the summer.

Level One _ What to teach

In your first year you will be introduced to the CDTA syllabus in each discipline you register for. This intensive study of the work will take your through the progression of the syllabus set exercises and expose you to the amazing building blocks you can use to teach your students in the most effective way with a tool that is up to date, age appropriate and skill oriented.

Level Two _ How to teach

Your second year will take the syllabus content that your familiarized with in year one and break it down into working parts for “how” to teach it to your students. You will learn about music and its application to the dance disciplines and how to write a plan your classes.

Level Three _ Become the teacher

This third year is all about your preparation to do your CDTA professional certification examination. You will have the syllabus content review, teaching your class plan and receiving critiques that help you refine your layout, music choices and why and how to apply music and how to write an effective biography giving the most information about yourself but in a brief and succinct way.

Then its all up to you!

The course will be held in Mississauga and the schedule of days will be up soon.  Please stay tuned and fill in your registration early so you don’t miss out!

CDTA certifies teachers in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Acrobatic Dance .

Existing members are also welcome for review and refresh.  Existing Associate level or Full members may choose to take a “per class” option.

LEVEL 1FridaySaturdaySundayMonday
Acrobatic Dance9-2:30pm
Modern3- 8:30pm
Music Study5-7pm
Acrobatic Dance3-8:30pm
Major Ballet Revisions-

Members Only

Please download the form and email to “” with your etranfer of fees. Early bird deadline for discounts is July 9th, 2019

Download in PDF format.