Ballet Division

The Ballet Division respects and cherishes the legacy left to us from the classical traditions of the great masters. The CDTA Syllabus was developed utilizing the training techniques from all the methods of ballet.

Ballroom Division

The Ballroom Division includes dance styles in American Smooth, DIVIDA, Standard and Latin.  We offer examinations for the amateur dancers, both adults and children. 

Tap Division

Tap has an excellent syllabus from the youngest level to the most advanced.  Offering student examinations in a progressive style.  The syllabus works with the student in a manner that develops excellent skills in all levels.

Jazz Division

Our Jazz Division has a junior and senior syllabus based on progressions of skills and physicality for students.  As a basis for the teacher to take their students through from beginner to advanced dancer.  Student examinations are available to certified CDTA members.

Acrobatic Division

Acrobatic dance incorporates the tricks and physicality of Acrobatic movement with the skills of dance to make a well rounded dancer.  Our junior and senior syllabi are well thought out and work the student through progressions.  Student examinations are available and give the student a sense of accomplishment.

National Ethnic Division

The National Ethnic Division is based in the “folk dance” traditions of ethnic dance and history.

Modern Division

Modern has been developed using tried and true technique from the “founders” of Modern dance.  Our junior and senior syllabi incorporate the essence of modern by amalgamation of the masters lessons.

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