October 28, 2021

Ballet Division

The Ballet Division respects and cherishes the legacy left to us from the classical traditions of the great masters. The CDTA Syllabus was developed utilizing the training techniques from all the methods of ballet.

The Ballet Division offers student examination from the Primary Grade to Advanced.

The Ballet Division holds yearly training workshops, enabling dance teachers to stay up-to-date on the newest changes to our Syllabus. Our workshops also provide the opportunity for teachers to exchange ideas on the art of teaching.  Please go to EVENTS for dates and schedules.

The Division is run by a committee and Members at Large are encouraged to inquire about becoming a volunteer committee member.

Key Benefits:

  • Stay connected!
  • Network with peers!
  • Upgrade skills!

Ballet syllabus dates for the most current notes:

Junior Syllabus – Revision 2016; Senior Syllabus – Revision 2016; Major Syllabus – Revision 2019

Please make sure that you are preparing students in the Junior and Senior syllabus notes from 2016’s revisions. Major exam revisions will take effect as of January 2020.

Junior Ballet has some Ontario specific requirements that must be used. If you have not updated your syllabus content, please contact the office and a pdf copy shall be forwarded to you.