Membership Examinations

Requirements for the CDTA teacher certification professional examination are split into two levels.

Junior Associate

A branch new level.  A Junior Associate has completed a course and is certified to request student examinations in the discipline of their certificate for 2 years in the Primary and Grade 1 level.  This is an entry member and the candidate is expected to complete their Associate professional examination with the two year period

Associate Membership
The Associate Membership level gives the candidate the ability to enter students into Junior level examinations in the discipline they hold certification in.

Licentiate Membership
The Licentiate Membership allows the member to enter students into examinations in all grades in the discipline they are certified in. A detailed “requirements” document can be downloaded from the selections below.

Membership Requirements

CDTA Ontario

Become A Member

CDTA offers many levels of membership.   Affiliate members are interested in the courses and knowledge but are not submitting students for examination.  Pre-Associate level members are studying for their Associate certification. Associates are entering students in junior level grades for examinations and Licentiate members do it all!  Where do you want to be?