September 25, 2021

Teacher Training School

Teacher Training replaced with “Intensive Training”

November 13 and 14th, Ballare Studio Burlington.

We will however have a two day intensive November 13-14th, 2021 for any Level 2 or 3 candidates to attend.  You must have your syllabus knowledge for Primary through Grade one and be prepared to attend both days. During this weekend event you will be invited to take a “pre examination” which will qualify you as a “Junior Associate” and in Ontario, allow you to enter students into those grades for examinations upon passing your examination.

Watch the CDTA Facebook page and Instagram to seeing posting about syllabus review being offered by our National office.  We strongly recommend you take these courses to be as knowledgeable about the syllabi as possible.

If you are interested in attending please keep posted for your registration forms will be available shortly.

Level One

In your first year you will be introduced to the CDTA syllabus in each discipline you register for up to Grade One. This intensive study of the work will take your through the progression of the syllabus set exercises and expose you to the amazing building blocks you can use to teach your students in the most effective way with a tool that is up to date, age appropriate and skill oriented. You will have the ground work for development and terminology.  Classes in Music Study and Learning styles shall complete your preparation to move into Level 2.

Level Two

Your second year will take the syllabus content that your familiarized with in year one and break it down into working parts for “how” to teach it to your students and add syllabus content up to and including Grade 3 and pedagogy of Grade 4 if you are in Ballet. You will review appropriate music choices and  application to the dance disciplines. How to write a plan your classes and write a class plan will be covered so that you can bring a class plan to your Level 3 course. Joining CDTA means understanding our organization and you will have a history provided in your student handbook as well as  class to discuss dance history in general and in CDTA specifically.

Level Three

This third year is all about your preparation to do your CDTA professional certification examination. You will have the syllabus content review, teaching your class plan and receiving critiques that help you refine your layout, music choices and why and how to apply music and how to write an effective biography giving the most information about yourself but in a brief and succinct way.

Then its all up to you!

You have several choices at the end of your Level 3 completion.

1.You may take a Junior Associate examination which will allow you to be certified and place students in examinations up to and including Grade one.

2. You may apply to take your Associate examination in  November Professional exam session which will allow you to place students in examinations up to and including Grade 3.

3. You may chose to wait and complete you Junior Associate at next year’s course, wait and take your Professional Associate exam at another time or remain an Affiliate until you are ready to test.

The course will be held at Ballare  Studio of Dance, 8-1242 Garner Rd West, Ancaster, ON and the schedule of days will be up soon.  Please stay tuned and fill in your registration early so you don’t miss out!

CDTA certifies teachers in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Acrobatic Dance .